“A Bird And Its Nest”: A Hindi Poetic Saga.

This Poetry IS All About Love Motherhood And Emotions,

Hope You All Love It!

पंछी और नशेमन

उस पेड़ की शाख पर
नशेमन के ताक पर
बाद फिरसे यू चली,
अब्र से जमीं मिली!

पंछी वहा से कूदा था
हिमाकत उसमे खूब थी,
उड़ान में , संभल न पाया
फिर उसे जमी मिली।

माँ ने अपनी चोंच में
उठाया बहुत स्नेह से,
फैलाए अपने पंखों को
वो उड़ चली थी घोसले।

घोसले में खून था,
कुछ हौसले भी पस्त थे,
हालात बहुत नर्म थे,
इरादे फिर भी गर्म थे।

घटा थी आसमान में,
बारिशें नही रुकी,
उस अब्र के ही क्रोध से
जंगल मे आग लग गई।

चोंच में उठा के
उस नन्हे मुन्ने पंछी को,
वो उड़ पड़ी थीं
आसमान में ,
बचने अपने प्राण को।

बर्क से वो डर गई,
चोंच उसकी खुल गई,
वो मज़लूम पंछी उड़ गया
अपने जख्म छोड़ कर।

खुदा ने अपने खलक में
एक जान फूंकी रात में,
या पंछी उड़ा गया था
जख्म छोड़ विश्वास से,
खुदा था
, न सही
विश्वास में ही बात थी,
पंछी और नशेमन की
सिर्फ इतनी बात थी!


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‘LGBTQ’,We Are With You!








You Don’t Need To Be From LGBTQ Community To Support Them.

This Is My Piece Of Work For The Community!

Hope You Love It!



Equality Equality

UNEQUALITY Everywhere,

Equality Equality

Equality Are You There?

Is  it just Women n Man!


You Are a Gay

You Would Be Confused With Trans (Transgender)

The Lightness In Your Heart Will Be

Teared Apart!

Lesbian I am,

It’s Just in Mind,

You Won’t Be Ever

Satisfied with MAN kind,

Bisexual He Is

He Love Women n Men,

Inclined Towards Both Gender

Does It seems fair?

You Are Transgender

You Are Made To Clap,

Uneasy People

You Will See In Back!

So Black!

Are These Peoples Thoughts

Equality Equality

You Are Here Or Not?








Understand LGBTQ Community!


Defining LGBTQ

LGBTQ is an acronym that stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Queer, and is used to designate a community of people whose sexual or gender identities can create shared political and social concerns. The LGBTQ acronym does not encompass everybody and different organizations may use fewer or more letters, for example, an ‘I’ to indicate Intersex* people.

For the purpose of simplification, the commonly accepted definitions of important terms and concepts have been given below. But first, it’s important to introduce the concept of ‘self-definition’. Essentially, it is important that people preserve the right to self-define into any or none of the categories below. It is not for others to dictate how we define, or which box society can most comfortably place us into.

Lesbian: A woman who is attracted to other women.

Gay: A man who is attracted to other men.

Bisexual: An individual who is attracted to both genders.

Trans: An umbrella term that seeks to incorporate individuals whose gender identities do not match their biological sex, for example, somebody who is born male-bodied and identifies as a woman. The term ‘Trans’ includes those who are pre or post surgery and those who do not wish to undertake surgery to alter their sex.

A distinction is posed between sex (male/female) which is a biological given at birth, and gender (man/woman) which is a sociological and psychological construction concerned with characteristics that are not biological.

Queer: Individuals who experience fluidity in their experience of sexuality or gender and therefore do not identify strictly as LGB or T. The term ‘Queer’ can also include those who do not identify as either gender.




There has been a huge uproar throughout the country with people supporting the striking down of section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 (IPC). The people who have successfully been able to adapt to the circumstances with time and the people who have a broader mindset wish to strike the section down. When people talk about section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, people generally think it just criminalizes homosexuality (sexual attraction to the people belonging to the same sex) and violates the rights of gay people. However, there are more aspects of this section than what most people are aware of.

It can be divided into the following three parts for easier understanding-

  • Criminalises homosexuality.

  • Criminalises certain acts between heterosexuals.

  • Criminalises sexual activities between humans and animals





‘Pehli Mohobbat’, A Poem On First Love!

Do You Remember Your First Love? YES / MAYBE…

Do You Remember The Moments You Spent Together? Yes…..Probably NO!

If Not Then This Blog Is Going To Take Through That Beautiful Memory Lane!

So Fasten Your SeatBelts, Sit Back, Relax And Enjoy This Poetry Which Is All About My First Love,

And Hope You Relate To It. 


ऐ मेरी पहली मोहोब्बत

ऐ मेरी पहली मोहोब्बत,
याद है , हमारे प्यार का वो जमाना।

जब छत पर मैने तुम्हें
पहली दफा देखा,

मेरी आँखें तुमसे मिली और तुम्हारी मुझसे,

की आसमान में

गुलाबी रंग छाया।

याद है , रात को
बजली कट जाने के बाद

हमने खेली छुप्पन छुपाई?

जिस खेल में,

मैने खुद को जीता था।

वो होमवर्क के बहाने
तुमसे रोज मिलना,

वो शर्मा अंकल के घर

उस गुलाब का रोज रोज खिलना,

वो माँ से पिटते वक़्त

तुमसे नज़रे चुराना,

वो तुम्हे मनाने के लिए

पापा के जेब से एक सिक्का चुराना।

एक टयूशन में जाने कि खातिर,
माँ को मनाना,

फिर वहाँ तुम्हारे बाजू में बैठने के खातिर

खुद के दोस्तो से झगड़ना,

वो हमारे दोस्तो का हमे चिढ़ाना,

वो नटखट शैतानियों का ज़माना।

आज जब तुम्हारे कॉलेज के
सारे लड़के मरते है तुमपे

तो थोड़ा गुरुर तो होता है खुद पे

जब याद आता है वो गुज़रा जमाना

जो बिताया था बेबाक तुमने हमपे।।







I Hope You Related To Those Amazing Time When You Were Together!

And Hope You Love It!

And If You Have Been Ditched By Someone Recently, Or You Loved Someone Who DIdnt Deserved It Or You Are Still In Love With Someone Whom You Never Told!

Check These Poetries Out!
You Would Love Them!

image-1682752-1787309311.pngI Miss You!









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Do You Smoke Cigarette?

Are You A Smoker?

Why Do You Smoke?

You Know Cigarette Smoking Causes Cancer!

You Can Die Because Of Your Habit!

If You Are A Regular Cigarette Smoker You Must Have Listened To These Questions Very Frequently, and If You Are Trying To Quit Smoking Then There Are 80% Chances That These Words From A Really Important Person Has Come Up Frequently For You.

According To A Survey Held in India In 2016, 60 Out Of 100 People Do Smoke Cigarettes Or Is Indulge In Tabaco Related Products, Where Majority Is Taken Over By Young Male!

So Is Cigarette Really Harmful? Indeed yes!

Does It Help Bursting Your Stress? The Answer Is NO! 

Being A Smoker For Many Years Now, Only Thing I Understand Is Its All In Mind And No Stress Is Removed Due To Consumption Of Cigarette, But A Thought Carried In Our Mind Makes Us Feel relived After A Smoke!

Disclaimer: Cigarette Smoking Is Injurious To Health! It Causes Cancer!

So This Is A Poetic Tale Dedicated To All The Smokers In This World!


To Kahani Kuch Aisi Hai Ki,

Aaj raah me chalte chalte saans meri yu fool k aai
chaati boli oye mere lalla tujko sutte ki talab hai aai!

ek tapri ko dae baae aankhe meri taak rahi thi
talab k maare u hi meri jaan jigar se jaa rahi thi.

Sir dukha fir halka halka ,
Pair bhi halke ho chuke the .

chalne ki himaat khatam hui ,
aisi talab thi seene me.

Tabhi waha ek dukan dikh padi
jaise dukan nahi wo mandir tha.

Bhula Bhatka bhakat dhue ka ,
us mandir ki aur tha daud pada.
rukte hi waha ek aag si jali thi ,
aur dhua gaya tha sene me,

Khaasi aai bohot zor se,
aur jalan uthi thi sine me.

Phir ek kash lene k khatir lagai jo cigarate hotoon par,

laal rang ki syahi chai thi sutte k kono par.


Koi bol utha sukhi khasi koi bola ye TB hai
mar jaega oye tu balak ye cancer ki CV hai.

Awaz jab ye andar se thi aai,

Zara fat gai meri thi jis showk se shadi thi rachai,

jaan meri meri usne le li thi.


Kuch din jia uske baad wo
itni uski kahani thi.
sutta jale uski chita se
kasam bas hame khani thi

Ek sutta peene wale ki bas itni kahani thi!!

Ek sutta peene wale ki bas itni kahani thi!!





Hope You Loved It!

Share This Piece Of Work With Your Smoker Friends And Remind Them “Ki MONDAY Nahi Aaega Aaj Se Chod De”!


And If You Are Thinking To Start Smoking Then Here Is One Advice, You Can Never Quit Smoking But These Articles Might Help!

Best Method To Quit Smoking Is To By Not Doing It In First Place!

#QuitSmoking #SmokingKills #DontSmoke.

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‘Small Is Sweet’

Short Is Sweet“, even when it comes to poetry the short poetries are equally loved format in the history.

With the time people decreased reading poetry and were more Interested in Listening To Them, It also helped the poets to express them and their way of writing.

Gradually It Became A Performing Art!

Some Of The Best Styles In Poet,

Lyric poetry

The development of literacy gave rise to more personal, shorter poems intended to be sung. These are called lyrics and Lyric poetry is a formal type of poetry which expresses personal emotions or feelings, typically spoken in the first person.

In 16th-century Britain, Thomas Campion wrote lute songs and Sir Philip SidneyEdmund Spenser, and William Shakespeare popularized the sonnet.

While Sonnet is derived from the Italian word sonetto (from Old Provençal sonet a little poem, from son song, from Latin sonus a sound)

Later In 17th-century English poetry from John Donne to Andrew Marvell.[16] The poems of this period were short.

In the 18th century the lyrics of Robert BurnsWilliam CowperThomas Gray, and Oliver Goldsmith.

Later In 19th Century the lyric emerged as the principal poetic form of the 19th century and came to be seen as synonymous with poetry.[19]Romantic lyric poetry consisted of first-person accounts of the thoughts and feelings of a specific moment; the feelings were extreme but personal.

And This Is How Poetry Was Brought Into 21st Century with authors like A. E. HousmanWalter de la MareEdmund Blunden,Rabindranath Tagore and many more!

(Source : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lyric_poetry)

The Spoken Words Poetry

And Now The Spoken Words Poetry Is The New Trend Which Is Inspired By DUB POETRY Or The Free Verse!

Some Legends In This Field are

Yasus Afari, Lillian AllenJean “Binta” Breeze, Afua Cooper, Linton Kwesi JohnsonAhdri Zhina MandielaMutabarukaNo-Maddz …(Shepherd, Creary, Gordon, Peart)Oku OnuoraMikey SmithLevi TafariD’bi Young.

But We Can’t-Miss Out The Indians Who Are Best In The Business Now!

Shamir Ruben


Aranya Johar


Rabia Kapoor


and Many More!

Every poet in the history has written much beautiful Short Poetry and was appreciated for it may it be any genre Or Language!

Here In This Blog, I Have Two Of My Favorite Poetries In Hindi That I Usually Perform  When I Get A Chance!


‘I Miss You’, But I Wont Tell You!

Love is the most eternal part of human life but its end, It’s debatable.

This Is How Breakup Looks in One Image!


An End Of Any Relationship Follows Many consequence Like Depression, Insomnia and Much More But It Happens Mostly Because We Miss The Person We Love!

So This Is One Kind Of Poetry Which Is Followed By A Breakup Of The Poet.

Hope You Love It!

‘I Miss You’,But I Won’t Tell You!

My dear ex love
do you know one thing
that I am eager to tell
but i can’t

I miss you!
but i won’t tell you coz
It won’t matter to you now,

I miss you when i go to

our college library and

I see those empty benches,

where we used yo sit and

whisper softly into each others ear,
I miss that but I won’t tell u!

I miss you when I go to the café order, a Vada Pav.

I remember you used to order it just to save money in my wallet
you were so money conscious

but for me
I miss that but I wont tell u!

I miss you when I drive my bike
and I dont feel that comforting HUG.
I miss u then.

I miss you when I am on the road
and I see a couple going by
walking along the road
hand in hand
I miss you, then again.

I miss you when I see the rain
I remember the when we came from train
You had an umbrella,

but you kept it inside coz I wanted to enjoy
rain through the ride,
I miss you when I watch those movies
on my laptop that we watched together
I was too emotional and u were smiling a lot.

 I miss that smile

I miss You.
but I won’t tell you coz it won’t matter to you now,
probably i miss u every hour, minute, sec.

but it won’t matter to you!


People have Committed Suicide For Love But Actually, It Can Be Taken Other Way Round, It Can Be Amazing Being Single Post Breakup.

We Can Use It For Our Profit!


‘Suicide’, Is Not The Way!


Definition Of Suicide

Definition Of Suicide


This Poetry Is All About A Man WHo Jumps In-front Of A Car Due To His Personal Pressures.

So This Poetry Is For The People Who Love Themselves.

Have A Look.


It was a beautiful day,

When A guy,

Probably on the nature’s high,

On those lonely streets,

Casually walking by.


Looked around,

Probably he was looking for something,

that he never found.

He Calmed himself,

Took a second and a deep breath.

Closed his eyes,

With some tears inside,

He looked at the signal,

The signal was


He jumped on that car,

Which Banged on his head.

He was on the road,

In an unconscious state,

Over flow of blood,

Was the reason of his death.

His eyes were saying something aloud

It were disappointed or

Some reason of that might count.

The load of the EMI’s

He had to pay,

the loan he took

For his honeymoon in the bay.

He was a guy,

In his late 30’s,

Frustrated of his job and

all those robotic duties.

His pocket was empty,

But not his brain,

Coz it had many things stuffed within.


Let us Understand The Problem:


Feminism Vs Feminazi

Women are and always was a very serious part of this Society.

but truly it was the most harassed at the time.

but as it is said,

“Harassment enhances the power in weaker”

and soon this feminine gender got the power to fight against the odds of the society and they started the fight to reach the level of independence they should get, the right to the equality.

What is Feminism?

Dictionary Meaning Of Feminism

Dictionary Meaning Of Feminism

The movement of ‘Feminism’ started where everyone who supported the thought of “Gender Equality” was categorized as


Dictionary Meaning Of Feminist

Dictionary Meaning Of Feminist

And then with the Flow there Agarose some People Who Connected Everything to feminism and the LOT of Those Sexist People Where Titled


Dictionary Meaning Of Feminazi

Dictionary Meaning Of Feminazi

So I Have This Quick Difference Between Feminist AND Feminazi From What I Understand.

Difference Between Feminist And Feminazi.

Difference Between The Two Different Words.

Sometime before I too had an interaction with such kind of feminazi Woman and was moved on by her behavior (you know what I mean.).

So This Poetry Is Dedicated to all those guys and even some girls (Maybe ‘who
knows’)Who Has Suffered Due To These Feminine Nazi’s.


Prostitute (SEX WORKERS)

Have you ever noticed the women on a lonely street standing in a group and giving “DIFFERENT SIGNALS”? or the one who stays in the brothel and spends her entire life there waiting for a guy?


PROSTITUTE or SEX WORKER or A Characterless Women?

A characterless woman you would say but the pain of that character is completely unknown because it was not her choice anyway, it was forced or imposed by someone.

But you need to know she is bearing a lot of pain just to save your Daughter from all those horny characterless MEN.

So This Poetry is Dedicated to those Beautiful Women Who Equally Needs To Be Recognised as One Of The Same Kind.



I met a girl on a highway that night
she was beautiful and waving her hands in

was she in some kind of emergency or
she needs some help I thought
I stopped my car by the road opened
the window to hear a word

your place or my place?
she did ask,
I opened the door and called her into the car.

she told me her price
I said you will be paid
she said it’s ok
how long will it take?

I took her for dinner and
we went to a hotel
it took us a while to
get ourselves set.

while she was taking her clothes off
I looked at her and I told her to stop
don’t do this I am here for a talk.

she was shocked by this kinda thought am
I not beautiful? she did give her shot.
I told u do are beautiful as hell but I am here to listen to your story you are excited to tell!

what story ? she did ask,
the story of your childhood and your sorrowful past.

then she started with the tears in her eyes
I was born in a place where men do prey on women.
I was bought when I was 15.

my mother was a prostitute she did knew
there is no escape as this is our que

I was taken to a big bunglow now
I thought they would treat me like a baby doll

2 days passed I was treated so well
the aunty did knew what’s coming was creepy as hell
3rd day a frustrated man came in
he dragged me to a room where I was punished for my sin
he fucked me for an hour and left my body full of scars

I was in pain and my vagina was bleeding
2 days passed and still there was swelling.
then I thought in what world I am dwelling.

few days later I was sent to my mom
her eyes had tears and my legs were already apart
I asked her why this is happened to me
she replied coz you were born here maybe

go and find your men they said
or get fucked by many people instead

20-80 was decided as our share
20% mine because I was shifting gear

I did tried to run a few times but then
I fucked by many guys
at the same time.

few days later I understood one thing
who ever I become now
prostitution would be my thing.

I didn’t touch her at all that night
I paid her money for that whole fuckin night.
the story she told me had lots of pain
which has left this poet in vain .


#WomanIsWoman #RespectTheOtherSide #TheProstitute.

A Woman

Source Wikipedia

Definition Of Woman

But even though dictionary defines a woman as An Adult Human Female, World Has Always Seen Them As An Object, A Commodity.


Before Learning Something They Pray Goddess Of Education SARASWATI.

To Earn Money They Pray Goddess LAXMI.

But When It Comes To Respect Them They Were Awarded Rapes, Molestations, Female Foeticide, Child Marriage, Acid Attacks, Domestic Violence, trafficking And What Not?

This List Is Just A Shorter Version Of Brutality Towards Women through These Years.

#RespectWomen And Rest Would Be Sorted Automatically.

Talking About The Poetry,

This Piece is Obviously Dedicated To Women.

But Limiting It to My Family Members Would Be Harsh To All Those Women  Who Are Not Just A Homemaker But Also The Country Maker,

Or Maybe That Women You Saw Cleaning The Floor In Your Office,

Or The One Selling Fruits In That Grocery Shop,

Or Probably The One Who is Selling Her Body At That Red Light Area Just To Save A Life Of Women And Her Hungry Stomach,

This Poetry Is Dedicated To Each And Every Woman Alive In This World!


Main Ek Naari Hoon,
Main Gori Hoon,
Main Kali Hoon,
Mai Thodi Chulbuli,
Thodi Bholi Bhali Hoon,
Main Ek Naari Hoon.

Main Raahon Me Gundo Se Ladti Hoon,
Main Ghar Me Kaam Bhi Karti Hoon,
Main Praan Bachane Wali Hoon,
Main Maa Behen Ki Gali Hoon,
Main Ek Naari Hoon.

Hoon Durga Si Nishchaal Bhi Main,
Main Khoon Peeti Kali Hoon,
Jis Khoon Se Tum Sab Darte Ho,
Woh Khoon Fekne Wali Hoon,
Main Ek Naai Hoon.

Jis Kookh Me Tum Paida Hue The,
Us Kookh Me Marti Aai Hoon,
Jisne Tumhari Aag Thi Bhujai,
Main Usi Me Jalne Wali Hoon,
Main Ek Naari Hoon.

Hoon Pati Vrata Saubhagyawati Main,
Kotho Me Bikti Vyasha Hoon,
Paap Hote Hai Mujpar Fir bhi,
Izzat Main Hi Kyu Khoti Hoon,
Main Ek Naari Hoon.

                           – greenhornpoet.




Always Remember
God Won’t Let You Fall From Top!